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Broadcasting LIVE from the ROC offices in Sunny Silicon Beach, “Business Rockstars” will be airing their live weekly radio show from the prominent Arizona Avenue office building in the heart of Santa Monica.

 ROC Santa Monica will be the new home of the weekday radio show, “Business RockStars”, hosted by Ken Rotowski which started this week! The radio program is the “Destination for Entrepreneurial Knowledge” airing on News Talk 980 Monday through Friday from 2pm until 4 pm.

Timing and placement are everything in life and both of these elements couldn’t be more perfect for the on point and entrepreneurial focused radio show!  Not only does the show “Business Rockstars” air when most of us are looking for our late afternoon pick me up, the show provides an inspiring reminder of why we do what we do as entrepreneurs.

 The location couldn’t be better suited either, in fact the space is being tailored just for “BusinessRockstars”, the broadcast room will be completely customized, front and center at ROC Santa Monica.  Prestigious in its own right, ROC Santa Monica(previously a Google office space) completed an impressive multi-million dollar interior renovation. Promoting entrepreneurship and ecological stewardship are integral facets of ROC, who in June 2013 received the prestigious Santa Monica Green Certified Business designation.

The weekly radio show has a consistently impressive guest list and continuously provides valuable insight on a wide range of business and entrepreneurial topics, sharing successes and failures.  One unique and fun segment is the “Start-up Machine”, where a fictitious company is selected on Monday of each week. Each day of the week then focuses on building the start-up “brick by brick”, from naming the start-up to launching and beyond.  The feedback and contributions are truly invaluable, almost like sitting around the board room table at the Trump Towers. 

Ken Rutkowski, the host of the weekly broadcasts, has previously hosted shows on CNET, CBS, and online and has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal, FOX News, BBC, Wired and Business Week. 

The Original ROC star himself, Ron McElroy was featured on the “BusinessRockstar” program on, July 31st at 3:15pm. You can listen to the broadcast any time here:    

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