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Whatever Happened to My Beautiful Sister Susan

People who’ve read my memoir Wrong Side of the Tracks know that my sister left home when she was about 20 years old to join what we realized gradually was a cult. So I’ve been asked, what happened to her,

Los Angeles Book Examiner Features Author Ron McElroy

Los Angeles Book Examiner, Frank Mundo, is now featuring the first chapter of Wrong Side of the Tracks over on Check out the Examiner article here.

Video: Giving Back

Author Ron McElroy discusses his work to promote more job opportunities for indigenous Hawaiians by working with local advocates, media, and entrepreneurs. The projects underway will build new businesses that grow the economy and sustain the beautiful environment while empowering

Video Interview with Author Ron McElroy: Reader’s Take-Away

Here is an interview I gave to publishing consultant Alan Rinzler on what readers will take-away from Wrong Side of the Tracks.

Video: Memories and Home Movies

Here is a video my son put together from my home movies, back when I was dating Nicole Brown Simpson (she was just Nicole Brown back then!).

New Video Interview with Author Ron McElroy: Why Write the Book?

Here is an author interview I gave with publishing consultant Alan Rinzler, discussing why I wrote Wrong Side of the Tracks.

On Writing the Book

Writing has become really important to me. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had a lot of thoughts, ideas and feelings buzzing around my head. Like why is my mom yelling at me, where did Dad go this