A true story of personal transformation that
will inspire and uplift you!

Experience real-estate maven Ron McElroy’s roller-coaster ride from a world of poverty, violence, drugs and alcohol to love, stability and success . . .

Born into poverty in Southern California, Ron McElroy had little going for him other than the love of a devoted mother.

His world was defined by alcohol and drugs, violence and drama, a mentally unstable father and trouble-making peers.

“The Wrong Side of the Tracks” chronicles McElroy’s gripping life story as he grabs on to whatever he can to pull himself up  –  including his Hawaiian heritage, customs and family; his talent as a competitive surfer; and later, his natural instinct for entrepreneurship.

This movingly honest memoir includes everything from the author’s rowdy days, to real estate ventures, to romances.

You’ll even meet his sweet and beautiful teenage girlfriend Nicole Simpson, who would tragically one day become famous as a murder victim during the O.J. Simpson trial.

A happier time in Nicole Brown's life . . before she met and married O.J. Simpson

A book that will make you a better person

There’s a strange thing that happens when you read this book: you become a little better as a human being.

Why? Because watching the author overcome daunting obstacles is not only inspiring – it also convinces us that there are no excuses – that you too can conquer whatever is holding you back. No matter how overwhelming it seems . . . whether it’s personal, financial or spiritual.

Today, Ron McElroy is a highly successful real-estate maven. But if you’d seen him as a kid, or as a teenager, he’d be the last person you’d expect to become a successful businessman, a good husband and a devoted father.

And if he could do it, you can do anything!

What is life like on “the wrong side of the tracks”?

Ron McElroy’s world was an invitation to failure.

His father was mentally ill. His brother was never out of trouble. His sister left for a cult. There was never enough money. And every day, he moved through a world of drugs, alcohol and violence.

If there’s one lesson to be learned from his story, it’s that sometimes, a single source of strength and stability can make the difference. For McElroy, it was his mother – always on call to rescue her family members from their personal demons.

Over time, he was also grounded by his natural talent as a surfer, and the Hawaiian heritage his mother introduced him to, of which he remains proud.

And, beyond his mother, he was also redeemed by the love of other women: from his first girlfriends to the wonderful wife who remains his life partner today.

Who are YOU a source of strength for? This book will remind you of just how precious your role is in their lives.

It’s about the challenge of relationships, too

In a sense, this is a book about relationships under pressure: relationships between McElroy and his brother, his parents, his peers, lovers, and eventually, two wives. And as with most of us, the story has both its failures and its triumphs.

You’ll read with fascination as the author learns to navigate these uncharted waters without a reliable map to guide him, drawing on his own inner compass and the scarce sources of wisdom around him.

And, you’ll cheer as he overcomes his past, maturing into a strong family man able to rise above the forces that once threatened to defeat him while becoming a source of strength and stability for those around him!

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About the Author

Ron McElroy is a successful international real estate developer. After a childhood dominated by poverty and hardship, he graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara and went on to become a self-made entrepreneur and investor. He currently lives in Laguna Beach, California with his wife Elizabeth and three children.