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How I Got Started Writing the Book

Have you heard of Red Room? It’s a web-site for authors run by a lady named Ivory Madison. She had asked an editor named Alan Rinzler to contribute some posts about writing and getting published for the benefit of Red Room members. When I commented on a few of them we struck up a correspondence and I eventually hired him to consult with me about the book I wanted to write about my brother Bill.

Alan was encouraging but brutally frank. He thought I could write OK but suggested the book be more about me and not just Bill. Most of all, he thought I should write about what it was like to grow up Hawaiian on mainland California and how against all odds, I had made a life for myself that seemed to work. I was a successful businessman in real estate, I had a wife and kids. I’d escaped the poverty and discrimination of being a poor Hawaiian kid from the wrong side of the tracks. Unfortunately my brother Bill didn’t, but that was only part of my story.

So with this encouragement and feedback I wrote this book.

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