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Whatever Happened to My Beautiful Sister Susan

Sister Susan

My sister Susan, nineteen years old in 1978, just before leaving for the cult.

People who’ve read my memoir Wrong Side of the Tracks know that my sister left home when she was about 20 years old to

join what we realized gradually was a cult. So I’ve been asked, what happened to her, how is she, what’s the latest news about this beautiful and beloved young woman who, to her family’s dismay, took such a weird turn in her life.

Well here’s an update: Susan is still living her life out and away from what she termed so many years ago “The World”, the term was used back when she became brain-washed in the ways of the Susie and Tony Alamo Christian Foundation. This so-called Christian foundation was without a doubt a total cult. If it walks, quacks, and waddles like a duck, it must be a duck, right? What a travesty and waste of one of the sweetest personalities I had ever known growing up. Susan, dear innocent sister swept away by the forces of deceit and disgust. Dark forces parading as evangelical saviors for wayward kids lost in life’s early confusing path to maturity. Yes, thoroughly brainwashed and dedicated to carry on the forced integration of morbid social greed of its leaders. I guess Susan’s brain is incapable of pulling itself away from years of constant pounding rhetoric, Our only consoltation is that she is so thoroughly and completely drowned in her belief that her life is comfortable and without confusion… Someday maybe she’ll want to hang out with her old family….hopefully one day….

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