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Video: How to Write a Memoir

Wrong Side of the Tracks: How to Write a Memoir

Author Ron McElroy discusses how he wrote Wrong Side of the Tracks, his recently published memoir. McElroy reports having spent a lengthy amount of time without any sense of focus or purpose for the book, producing hundreds of pages that were ultimately discarded. Then, he says, he began to seek feedback and worked with professional developmental editors to produce a highly polished story with great meaning and inspiration to a broad popular audience. He says the secret to creating a great memoir is writing about universal problems, obstacles to overcome, relationships, successes and failures in professional and family life, the real stuff of life that everyone can identify with and be inspired by.

For more videos about Ron’s personal journey to overcome trauma, discrimination, protect indigenous Hawaiian people and their native land, visit YouTube or

To order the book Wrong Side of the Tracks, through this website or by visiting Amazon.

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