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The multifaceted, mega mogul skills and life experience of Ron McElroy, CEO of ROC (Real Office Centers) recently caught the attention of the FOX Business News crew which published a brief showcase of his life and career in their Emerging Business Leaders department.

In this recent interview, the spotlight on Ron McElroy’s enthusiasm for business and thriving success is appropriately noted. Adding to the hat rack, published author, his new memoir Wrong Side of the Tracks describes the inner and very personal journey through his past and into the present day, a truly approachable and enjoyable read.  It is no doubt that when the odds are stacked against someone, people root for the underdog, begging the question; without the obstacles do we really deserve the reward? According to the work ethic and tenacity of Ron McElroy success is sweeter after navigating through rough waters.

Actively involved owner and passionate CEO of for the various locations of his corporate office centers throughout Southern California Ron (McElroy) displays his zest for life and exhibits the endurance it takes to be successful.  As FOX Business Kate Rogers described, the niche fulfilled by ROC (Real Office Centers) is unique and has not been done before, adding a whole new level to cooperative work environments as well as being environmentally conscious in all business practices.  Even in difficult times, such as the Real Estate recession, a select few are able to prosper for the right reasons.

The book Wrong Side of the Tracks is a sneak peek into the mind’s eye and familial history of  a successful entrepreneur that has let nothing deter him from success both personal and professional.  Striving for the best is always a work in progress, as long as there is progress.


After almost thirty years of working, raising kids, and living life to its absolute fullest, I’m still plagued with thoughts of not doing enough. So I’ve written this book.”

– Ron McElroy, Wrong Side of the Tracks

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