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Hawaiian Hours

 It’s not just because I have Hawaiian blood coursing through my veins, or even that I live in Southern California (which I do), but the new “workplace” and flexible work time concept suits me just fine. Additionally, the no suit required, suits me just fine too!  The laid back lifestyle of Hawaiians or even Californians does not mean we are not productive or slackers, but actually it means that we maximize our production time to enjoy both work and play with relatively little stress. This is not a terrible or even lackadaisical attitude, but one of balance, structure and ultimately success.

We have all probably worked sixty-hour weeks at the office and neglected ourselves or loved ones in the process.  Doing the daily grind and chasing the almighty buck. Of course this used to be the only way to get ahead in life, but it would often lead to burn out for many, including myself.  The popularity of flexible schedules and the rapid growth of technology to support this schedule, make the “office” look a lot different than it used to, thank goodness!

Virtual Office Space has been very attractive to me for its unique offering in the Corporate Real Estate Market. Not only does this model directly address the need for office space in specific “hot spot” locations, but addresses the unique and varied needs of so many Entrepreneurs. The virtual office or dedicated office to use on an ‘as needed’ basis simply makes sense, for expansion, satellite offices, and meetings, all accessible with the client avoiding the often exorbitant costs and liabilities incurred with an office front or traditional leased (rented) space. Let’s not even mention the equipment, utilities, security, cleaning, etc.  Temporary use or consistent monthly occupancy, at whatever hours, it is the ultimate in flexibility. That is where the concept of ROC (Real Office Centers) began for me. Being from a successful background in Commercial Real Estate and Management I think groomed me to conceptualize the ideal environment and jump back into the business.

The concept of course is not new, but it was really important to me to blend some other unique and critical elements into Corporate Offices, to not offer just plain office space. Putting the right people in the right place is key; even in my personal business experience it has been critical. By adding networking opportunities and key note speakers, seminars and angel investing events, we are able to bring opportunities directly to our tenants.  Their success is an integral part of our identity, as we at ROC create and support their best image possible.

If we have to go to the office (which is often the only way many can focus and be efficient), it’s got to be nani (enjoyable) right, braddah?  All of the corporate office centers are unique to their location (all in Southern California) but we have paid special attention to the overall vibe and atmosphere of each. All of our locations have abundant natural lighting, ample open space, even dedicated collaboration space, and there has to be perks, right? We have; Massage Chair Tuesdays, Tenant Breakfasts, Raffles, Evening Mixers, car wash services and a host of different special events every month.

The Green concept is not new to my Hawaiian heritage.  Growing up I was taught that the earth is our responsibility so there was no difficulty in incorporating this philosophy into our buildings. We have energy star compliant equipment, recycling programs, water and energy saving technology, alternate transportation options and of course avidly support local businesses to each location.

All of these visions of the new workplace have become reality for me and the invaluable crew at ROC (Real Office Centers) only enhances what we have to offer. Working together is like tending a garden, love, time, location and sunlight are all important for growth. Seeds are planted; ideas traded, and out of collaboration and networking, something bigger grows. In life I have learned where there is passion, there is purpose.  It is my passion to blend that kick back attitude with the kick butt attitude of our tenants and staff.

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