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Cream of the Crop

Being a direct descendent of a true Hawaiian who demonstrated a tenacious work ethic by toiling in the pineapple fields has given me reason to believe that back breaking work and determination are not merely survival techniques, but are in our heritage.  My mother exhibited this resolute determination, graduating from high school in 1953 and going directly to work in fields of the Libby’s pineapple cannery in Honolulu to pave her own path.  Thankfully part of her plan was to visit the mainland, which she was able to afford by her hard work and callused hands, a path ultimately leading her to my father, and thus adding branches to our family tree.

Taking care of your family is something closely cherished and honored in the Hawaiian culture, this is the fuel for the fire of our pursuits.  Through thick and thin we stand by the members of our family, which includes extended family and even friends and co-workers.  Hawaiian pride is close to a religion, and honoring our heritage and ancestry includes making those we care about proud and taking care of them when needed.   Some people may feel this obligation is daunting or even a burden, I see it as a challenge and a motivator. Being able to see opportunities in obstacles takes practice and action, moving forward without fear.  Knowing what my ancestors have been through makes my life seem easy at times, which is why it is important to consistently reanalyze your goals and strengths.

The education I received at UCSB and the business opportunities I’ve been involved in were all parts of my personal evolution.  My knowledge, passion, experience in corporate real estate, even in difficult times (nationally and privately) has allowed me to stand out in this field. The vision I had with ROC (Real Office Centers) is a new concept, and fills a niche that is desperately needed in this market place.  In many ways each of the locations of our office centers emulate a close knit family, and the individual environments are molded to the occupants which ultimately supports their own business growth and evolution.

The process of writing the “Wrong Side of the Tracks” for me led to a greater understanding and peace with the past.  Without this it can be difficult to move forward. Accepting others for what they are (both strengths and weaknesses) always looking to bring out the best in those around you, and surrounding yourself with positive, motivated and trustworthy people are the golden rules of ‘ohana’.  Knowing that you cannot change situations but by adapting to them you are working with the flow, not against it. As with surfing, you must adapt to the conditions, which are unpredictable and ever changing.  Being open and responsive to life, leads to greater progress and being stoked on family and work.  With hard work and good values the cream of the crop will always rise to the top!

`Ike aku, `ike mai, kôkua aku kôkua mai;
pela iho la ka nohana `ohana.

Meaning- Recognize others, be recognized, help others, be helped; such is a family relationship.

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