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Bonus Features

In the book Wrong Side of the Tracks the reader is able to seamlessly become educated into the true
spirit and history of the Hawaiian culture through the author, Ron McElroy’s entertaining memoir of
growing up and keeping strong. Strong family values are accurately depicted, allowing the reader to
truly get an inside look at the secretive, superstitious, religious and spiritual world of Hawaiians, as it is
today and seems has been for thousands of years. From food like lomi lomi and opihi to slang and rules
of kapu, Hawaii seems like a world away, yet made so relatable by the authors narrative. Informatively
filled with historical information about the pineapple fields and vivid descriptions of Molokai, this book
is filled with stories about a regular kid growing up. Wrong Side of the Tracks is a memoir of football,
school, surfing, drugs and family drama, the all American story.

At the end of the book the author gives us a more expansive look at additional reference materials
to enable the captivated reader an opportunity to learn more about the distinct culture of true
Hawaiians. Included in the Books to Read and Films to See lists are some popular familiar titles such as
Endless Summer and The Curse of Lono, along with some rarer media that is enlightening for deeper
understanding. This unique insertion into Wrong Side of the Tracks is like being able to peak into the
authors mind and is a nice added bonus feature.

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