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A Dream Becomes a Reality


A Dream Becomes a Reality

Wrong Side of the Tracks hits Amazon Best Seller List

The rags to riches story of Ron McElroy Wrong Side of the Tracks, a transformation memoir of his journey from escaping drugs, alcohol, and violence to maturing as a real estate mogul, has received the declaration of Amazon Bestseller in Business Motivation & Self-Improvement after launching April 9, 2013.

McElroy comes from a strong Hawaiian background that impacts his daily values and the predestined path if Ron gave in to the surrounding discrimination, police violence, and self-destructive peer group, instead of forging his own path.

“Blessed with fortune is the only way to describe my life. It’s like a big jigsaw puzzle, and I’m constantly looking for the right pieces to plug into the right spaces. They always seem to be there if I just look hard enough.”

Ron learns the hard way, the true importance of strong family bonds, discipline, skills, and a positive, loving spirit that can take anyone on a new life path.

Wrong Side of the Tracks lets readers know that they’re not alone in overcoming life’s hardships; these do not need to define people. McElroy teaches that life is what you make of it. By staying true to your core values and culture, individuals can cross over from the wrong side of the tracks.

Wrong Side of the Tracks also ranked among the Top 10 Amazon Gift Ideas in Business Motivation & Self-Improvement.

Note from Author:

The fantasy of being a best selling author is easy to conjure up in a writers own mind. The way it will happen, who will know, how it will be appreciated, the impact it may have, the unabashed claim of purpose, something no one can take from you once you have it. Then, as usual, poof, your daydream is rudely interrupted by reality. But this week, thanks to you my friends, family, business associates and anonymous readers, that dream came true. I can not thank you enough…Mahalo from the bottom of my heart.”

Wrong Sides of the Tracks

Ron McElroy

Still Standing Publishing, August 15, 2012

Hardcover – 186 pages: 9780985860806, $11.66

eBook – 186 pages: 9780985860806, $2.99

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