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Chasing the American Dream

I gradually escaped the fate of my big brother Bill. I began to take things more seriously, to stay out of juvenile hall. I finished college, did well at amateur surfing tournaments, had some wonderful girlfriends, and somehow began to

Growing Up Wasn’t Easy: Mental Illness in the Family

It’s hard to write a book. I learned that writing is a lot of rewriting, editing, revision, reconsideration, rewriting again. I’ve tried to get it all in, but only what really counts. I wanted to tell the story of my

On Writing and Life in Hawaii

It took me more than two years to write a book that told the whole story. Alan pushed me to write about my family and especially my Hawaiian mother’s experience on the Islands and mainland. Not many Americans really know

How I Got Started Writing the Book

Have you heard of Red Room? It’s a web-site for authors run by a lady named Ivory Madison. She had asked an editor named Alan Rinzler to contribute some posts about writing and getting published for the benefit of Red

On Writing the Book

Writing has become really important to me. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had a lot of thoughts, ideas and feelings buzzing around my head. Like why is my mom yelling at me, where did Dad go this