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A Dream Becomes a Reality

A Dream Becomes a Reality Wrong Side of the Tracks hits Amazon Best Seller List The rags to riches story of Ron McElroy Wrong Side of the Tracks, a transformation memoir of his journey from escaping drugs, alcohol, and violence to


24 HRS. ONLY: Buy book today and get $250 in bonus gifts!

24 HRS. ONLY: Buy book today and get $250 in bonus gifts!   I wanted to be sure to alert you to today’s OFFICIAL launch of my new book called The Wrong Side of the Tracks.   It’s the true story

Bonus Features

In the book Wrong Side of the Tracks the reader is able to seamlessly become educated into the true spirit and history of the Hawaiian culture through the author, Ron McElroy’s entertaining memoir of growing up and keeping strong. Strong

Hawaiian Legends

In the recently published book, Wrong Side of the Tracks, Hawaiian history, culture and heritage are profoundly discussed, not only providing background and setting for this succinctly touching autobiography, but a unique look into the not so distant past of


Ron’s company, Real Office Centers, and his son, Cameron McElroy, are working to make sustainable energy a reality in their home state of Hawaii. This is an recent article written from their latest trip to their homeland. Responsible and ethical

Why Silicon Beach Is Flourishing

Silicon Beach, as the white-hot start up market in Santa Monica is referred to, is exploding with activity. Albeit the second fiddle to its well known uncle up north, Silicon Valley with a number of high-tech success stories to lay


The multifaceted, mega mogul skills and life experience of Ron McElroy, CEO of ROC (Real Office Centers) recently caught the attention of the FOX Business News crew which published a brief showcase of his life and career in their Emerging Business Leaders

Cream of the Crop

Being a direct descendent of a true Hawaiian who demonstrated a tenacious work ethic by toiling in the pineapple fields has given me reason to believe that back breaking work and determination are not merely survival techniques, but are in

Hawaiian Hours

 It’s not just because I have Hawaiian blood coursing through my veins, or even that I live in Southern California (which I do), but the new “workplace” and flexible work time concept suits me just fine. Additionally, the no suit

Video: How to Write a Memoir

Wrong Side of the Tracks: How to Write a Memoir Author Ron McElroy discusses how he wrote Wrong Side of the Tracks, his recently published memoir. McElroy reports having spent a lengthy amount of time without any sense of focus