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Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. Selects ROC Santa Monica for the 2013 Evolve Award

Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. has selected ROC (Real Office Centers) in Santa Monica for its prestigious Evolve Award which highlights progressive and forward thinking businesses that contribute to the innovation culture in Santa Monica.

“We are thrilled to bestow this honor on such a deserving business.”-Kathleen Rawson, CEO of Downtown Santa Monica, Inc.

Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. is a private non-profit 501c(3) working with the City of Santa Monica to manage service, promote economic stability, growth and enhance the quality of community life within the unique neighborhood also known as Silicon Beach.



Broadcasting LIVE from the ROC offices in Sunny Silicon Beach, “Business Rockstars” will be airing their live weekly radio show from the prominent Arizona Avenue office building in the heart of Santa Monica.

 ROC Santa Monica will be the new home of the weekday radio show, “Business RockStars”, hosted by Ken Rotowski which started this week! The radio program is the “Destination for Entrepreneurial Knowledge” airing on News Talk 980 Monday through Friday from 2pm until 4 pm.

Timing and placement are everything in life and both of these elements couldn’t be more perfect for the on point and entrepreneurial focused radio show!  Not only does the show “Business Rockstars” air when most of us are looking for our late afternoon pick me up, the show provides an inspiring reminder of why we do what we do as entrepreneurs.

 The location couldn’t be better suited either, in fact the space is being tailored just for “BusinessRockstars”, the broadcast room will be completely customized, front and center at ROC Santa Monica.  Prestigious in its own right, ROC Santa Monica(previously a Google office space) completed an impressive multi-million dollar interior renovation. Promoting entrepreneurship and ecological stewardship are integral facets of ROC, who in June 2013 received the prestigious Santa Monica Green Certified Business designation.

The weekly radio show has a consistently impressive guest list and continuously provides valuable insight on a wide range of business and entrepreneurial topics, sharing successes and failures.  One unique and fun segment is the “Start-up Machine”, where a fictitious company is selected on Monday of each week. Each day of the week then focuses on building the start-up “brick by brick”, from naming the start-up to launching and beyond.  The feedback and contributions are truly invaluable, almost like sitting around the board room table at the Trump Towers. 

Ken Rutkowski, the host of the weekly broadcasts, has previously hosted shows on CNET, CBS, and online and has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal, FOX News, BBC, Wired and Business Week. 

The Original ROC star himself, Ron McElroy was featured on the “BusinessRockstar” program on, July 31st at 3:15pm. You can listen to the broadcast any time here:    


A Dream Becomes a Reality

A Dream Becomes a Reality

Wrong Side of the Tracks hits Amazon Best Seller List

The rags to riches story of Ron McElroy Wrong Side of the Tracks, a transformation memoir of his journey from escaping drugs, alcohol, and violence to maturing as a real estate mogul, has received the declaration of Amazon Bestseller in Business Motivation & Self-Improvement after launching April 9, 2013.

McElroy comes from a strong Hawaiian background that impacts his daily values and the predestined path if Ron gave in to the surrounding discrimination, police violence, and self-destructive peer group, instead of forging his own path.

“Blessed with fortune is the only way to describe my life. It’s like a big jigsaw puzzle, and I’m constantly looking for the right pieces to plug into the right spaces. They always seem to be there if I just look hard enough.”

Ron learns the hard way, the true importance of strong family bonds, discipline, skills, and a positive, loving spirit that can take anyone on a new life path.

Wrong Side of the Tracks lets readers know that they’re not alone in overcoming life’s hardships; these do not need to define people. McElroy teaches that life is what you make of it. By staying true to your core values and culture, individuals can cross over from the wrong side of the tracks.

Wrong Side of the Tracks also ranked among the Top 10 Amazon Gift Ideas in Business Motivation & Self-Improvement.

Note from Author:

The fantasy of being a best selling author is easy to conjure up in a writers own mind. The way it will happen, who will know, how it will be appreciated, the impact it may have, the unabashed claim of purpose, something no one can take from you once you have it. Then, as usual, poof, your daydream is rudely interrupted by reality. But this week, thanks to you my friends, family, business associates and anonymous readers, that dream came true. I can not thank you enough…Mahalo from the bottom of my heart.”

Wrong Sides of the Tracks

Ron McElroy

Still Standing Publishing, August 15, 2012

Hardcover – 186 pages: 9780985860806, $11.66

eBook – 186 pages: 9780985860806, $2.99


24 HRS. ONLY: Buy book today and get $250 in bonus gifts!

24 HRS. ONLY: Buy book today and get $250 in bonus gifts!


I wanted to be sure to alert you to today’s OFFICIAL launch of my new book called The Wrong Side of the Tracks.


It’s the true story of my passage from a world of poverty, drugs and violence to love, stability and success. And it’s a genuinepage-turner!


TODAY ONLY, as part of the official launch, we’re offering over $250 worth of bonus gifts when you order it! This ridiculously generous giveaway is the publisher’s way of boosting the all-important first day sales numbers in pursuit of bestseller status. And YOU win!




Message from my publisher:


Ron McElroy’s world was defined by alcohol and drugs, violence and drama, a mentally unstable father and trouble-making peers.


“The Wrong Side of the Tracks” follows McElroy as he clings to whatever he can for strength  –  including the love of his mother; his Hawaiian heritage, customs and family; his talent as a competitive surfer; and later, his natural instinct for entrepreneurship.


This movingly honest memoir includes everything from the author’s rowdy days, to romances, to becoming a real estate maven.


You’ll even meet his sweet, beautiful teenage girlfriend Nicole Simpson, who would tragically one day become famous as a murder victim during the O.J. Simpson trial.


“The Wrong Side of the Tracks” has it all: from triumphs to tragedies, from the ups and downs of relationships to the challenges of business.  And it’s all TRUE.


This book is sure to uplift you . . . and to inspire you that if Ron McElroy could overcome so many obstacles, there is nothing YOU can’t do!



Bonus Features

In the book Wrong Side of the Tracks the reader is able to seamlessly become educated into the true
spirit and history of the Hawaiian culture through the author, Ron McElroy’s entertaining memoir of
growing up and keeping strong. Strong family values are accurately depicted, allowing the reader to
truly get an inside look at the secretive, superstitious, religious and spiritual world of Hawaiians, as it is
today and seems has been for thousands of years. From food like lomi lomi and opihi to slang and rules
of kapu, Hawaii seems like a world away, yet made so relatable by the authors narrative. Informatively
filled with historical information about the pineapple fields and vivid descriptions of Molokai, this book
is filled with stories about a regular kid growing up. Wrong Side of the Tracks is a memoir of football,
school, surfing, drugs and family drama, the all American story.

At the end of the book the author gives us a more expansive look at additional reference materials
to enable the captivated reader an opportunity to learn more about the distinct culture of true
Hawaiians. Included in the Books to Read and Films to See lists are some popular familiar titles such as
Endless Summer and The Curse of Lono, along with some rarer media that is enlightening for deeper
understanding. This unique insertion into Wrong Side of the Tracks is like being able to peak into the
authors mind and is a nice added bonus feature.

Hawaiian Legends

In the recently published book, Wrong Side of the Tracks, Hawaiian history, culture and heritage
are profoundly discussed, not only providing background and setting for this succinctly touching
autobiography, but a unique look into the not so distant past of this 54 year young United State. Of
course, the Hawaiian Islands are well known for the laid back lifestyle, picturesque surf, hula feasts,
lei’s and spam recipes galore. Not commonly known however, is how little has actually changed with
the Native Hawaiian people and a striking similarity to the injustices suffered by American Indians in
the founding of our country. Enlightening us dating all the way back to 1898 up to recent generations
of his own family, Ron McElroy takes us deep into the sugar cane fields of Molokai with its endlessly
permeating red dirt landscape and soul enveloping surf. He delves deeper still into the heart of the
continuing struggles with Hawaiian Homeland property rights and a 200 year oppression of the true
Hawaiian spirituality. An honest and scarcely discussed explanation of the Ho’olehua (Hawaiian
Homelands) property struggle is detailed, including the contrast between the intentions of the
Homestead Act and modern day struggles with bureaucracy. Poignantly reminding us all that it’s not
always another day in paradise on the islands of pineapples and palm trees.

In the very personal struggle for this land, the family of author Ron McElroy, fortunately had his business
savvy, real estate experience and Hawaiian pride to facilitate “making it right”, unlike so many other
Native Hawaiian families. Devastatingly, he even describes th e ugly property battles between inheriting
family members, non-Native Hawaiians, and an insatiable greed that “Sometimes Hawaiian Homelands
property is just abandoned because resolving all the difficulties surrounding its use is just too much
trouble.” Sadly described is the historical priority of financial and militaristic government influence and
disregard for the indigenous people that tolerate haole’s with a smile and a lei.

Spooky ghost stories, legends and lore are bravely shared, along with details of superstitions that are
as serious as religion. Stated eloquently by McElroy in the book Wrong Side of the Tracks, “Hawaiians
by nature are very superstitious, particularly when it comes to respecting the power of nature”, a
viewpoint that more cultures should try embracing, just without the salt ritual perhaps! Reflected in
the inherent respect for elders, the deep rooted historical ritual of the hula, and the ever present spirits
always watching, the Hawaiian people are simple yet complex, as author McElroy explains through
his journeys. In this memoir he navigates us through his personal history of Americanization, modern
day ‘Californication’, and ultimately discovering that his Hawaiian roots are deep and always with him,
when he’s on the mainland or not. In Wrong Side of the Tracks, Ron McElroy makes a convincing case
that Hawaii truly is the brightest star on the United States flag!



Ron’s company, Real Office Centers, and his son, Cameron McElroy, are working to make sustainable energy a reality in their home state of Hawaii. This is an recent article written from their latest trip to their homeland.

Responsible and ethical business practices are not just for CPA’s and Personnel departments but should be intrinsically linked to a company or corporation’s environmental consciousness and presence. As a business owner or CEO, being a decision maker, you are given the task of conscientious obligation, or “best practices” and are ultimately directly responsible for what you choose or choose not to do.  We are all aware of the detrimental impact industry overall has made on this planet, the consequences of which we are still sifting through in 2013. Through awareness, education and support this generation proves to reverse the course of action from harmful mistakes made in the past and prevent further environmental dilemmas for the next generation(s).

We all know that disposing of our trash before being buried in it, and doing so properly, is a literally growing problem. Converting waste or trash into energy is an essential race for space.  It is projected that the amount of solid waste in landfills is expected to increase by 70% globally by the year 2025. There is no place that this issue could be more critical than in a location with limited space and a growing epidemic of trash than the Hawaiian Islands.  While the islands host over 7 million tourists (as of 2011) annually the fact remains that the tourists fly home and leave behind their trash. As recently as 2005 aggressive incentives including deposit fees for containers such as glass, plastic and aluminum and curbside pickup, creating diversions from landfills has been successful, yet may still be too little, too late.

Currently each of the islands has its own landfill(s) and participates in the same recycling systems we do on the mainland. The island of Molokai has exhibited an eruption of community support around this dilemma, the issue of renewable energy, resource independence, as well as education on environmental stewardship, showcased recently at the Renewable Energy Festival in January 2013.   In this particularly fragile environment, minimal impact and maximum benefit to the residents must be in balance.  A.R.E., Inc. (Aurora Renewable Energies, Inc.) presented a dynamic and direct solution to converting the islands trash into energy using the Syngas method, with minimal consequences to the environment, a stark contrast to the Big Wind Project.

Cameron Mcelroy, ROC’s Environmental Integration specialist, represented A.R.E., Inc. at the Molokai Renewable Energy Festival and is actively facilitating support and fostering a partnership between ecoROC and positive environmental ventures that directly affect our Earth. As a part of positive solutions for a change, proclaiming our support and commitment to environmental stewardship, the mission of ROC and ecoROC is not merely a slogan but requires concerted effort, education and most importantly action and involvement.  Taking stewardship seriously which is intrinsically linked with sustainability, ROC realizes that no man is an island, but perhaps the islands are where it should start beginning with converting trash into treasure.

- See more at:

Why Silicon Beach Is Flourishing

Silicon Beach, as the white-hot start up market in Santa Monica is referred to, is exploding with activity. Albeit the second fiddle to its well known uncle up north, Silicon Valley with a number of high-tech success stories to lay claim such as Google, Paypal, and Logitech, the Silicon Beach market is a fervor of action from all sides of the start up equation. Several components that make up and set the stage for a vibrant start up market to develop have to be present and strong, sort of like a perfect storm! Talent, Capital, Education and acceptance of the alternative are all conditions that have to exist and surge together in order to foster a dynamic start up environment.

Is this happening in Silicon Beach? Well let’s see! Talent and Education – USC, UCLA, Pepperdine, in our immediate market, have undergraduate and graduate programs that focus on start up or entrepreneurial education. They are becoming the most popular programs for students disillusioned by the bleak stories of their predecessors for the lack of worthy employment opportunities post graduation. Students are flocking to these programs as the answer to a jobless market. “Gain the knowledge and know how to do it your self” is the conclusion to which they are becoming accustomed.

Capital and Alternative – These are evidenced by the array of Big Venture Capital companies and varied as well as numerous incubator and accelerator companies that are ever present and dedicating more and more effort and resources to the Silicon Beach market. Names like Tech Coast Angels, Karlin Ventures, Canyon Creek on the VC side; and Amplify, Clearstone, Launchpad and Muckerlabs on the incubator accelerator side. The appetite of these VC and start up seed money facilitators is voracious, almost as if there were no other alternative to direct investor funds to. The fervor is at such a pitch we are now seeing foreign players entering the fray with funds from the Middle East, Europe, and even Latin America.

Taking into consideration that we are at the ground floor of an improving economy and in my opinion are entering a decade long run up in market wealth coupled with the fact that investors, at all levels, are fed up with placing funds in traditional investment vehicles like Wall Street and largess Corporate America, the word “flourish” even doesn’t begin to describe the emerging market of Silicon Beach. This proof is in the pudding, watch and see!

Ron McElroy is the CEO and Founder of Real Office Centers, the office-style-workspace revolutionizing the office environment. His experience in commercial real estate, Class A buildings, and premiere office environments have built his vision for the six ROC locations. Author of Wrong Side of the Tracks, Ron illustrates his journey from a rough adolescence to creating this harmonious, collaborative work environment where he brings the nation’s top entertainment and tech startups, investors, university talent, and event companies together in the heart of Santa Monica’s Silicon Beach.

For more from SoCal Tech visit:


The multifaceted, mega mogul skills and life experience of Ron McElroy, CEO of ROC (Real Office Centers) recently caught the attention of the FOX Business News crew which published a brief showcase of his life and career in their Emerging Business Leaders department.

In this recent interview, the spotlight on Ron McElroy’s enthusiasm for business and thriving success is appropriately noted. Adding to the hat rack, published author, his new memoir Wrong Side of the Tracks describes the inner and very personal journey through his past and into the present day, a truly approachable and enjoyable read.  It is no doubt that when the odds are stacked against someone, people root for the underdog, begging the question; without the obstacles do we really deserve the reward? According to the work ethic and tenacity of Ron McElroy success is sweeter after navigating through rough waters.

Actively involved owner and passionate CEO of for the various locations of his corporate office centers throughout Southern California Ron (McElroy) displays his zest for life and exhibits the endurance it takes to be successful.  As FOX Business Kate Rogers described, the niche fulfilled by ROC (Real Office Centers) is unique and has not been done before, adding a whole new level to cooperative work environments as well as being environmentally conscious in all business practices.  Even in difficult times, such as the Real Estate recession, a select few are able to prosper for the right reasons.

The book Wrong Side of the Tracks is a sneak peek into the mind’s eye and familial history of  a successful entrepreneur that has let nothing deter him from success both personal and professional.  Striving for the best is always a work in progress, as long as there is progress.


After almost thirty years of working, raising kids, and living life to its absolute fullest, I’m still plagued with thoughts of not doing enough. So I’ve written this book.”

– Ron McElroy, Wrong Side of the Tracks

Cream of the Crop

Being a direct descendent of a true Hawaiian who demonstrated a tenacious work ethic by toiling in the pineapple fields has given me reason to believe that back breaking work and determination are not merely survival techniques, but are in our heritage.  My mother exhibited this resolute determination, graduating from high school in 1953 and going directly to work in fields of the Libby’s pineapple cannery in Honolulu to pave her own path.  Thankfully part of her plan was to visit the mainland, which she was able to afford by her hard work and callused hands, a path ultimately leading her to my father, and thus adding branches to our family tree.

Taking care of your family is something closely cherished and honored in the Hawaiian culture, this is the fuel for the fire of our pursuits.  Through thick and thin we stand by the members of our family, which includes extended family and even friends and co-workers.  Hawaiian pride is close to a religion, and honoring our heritage and ancestry includes making those we care about proud and taking care of them when needed.   Some people may feel this obligation is daunting or even a burden, I see it as a challenge and a motivator. Being able to see opportunities in obstacles takes practice and action, moving forward without fear.  Knowing what my ancestors have been through makes my life seem easy at times, which is why it is important to consistently reanalyze your goals and strengths.

The education I received at UCSB and the business opportunities I’ve been involved in were all parts of my personal evolution.  My knowledge, passion, experience in corporate real estate, even in difficult times (nationally and privately) has allowed me to stand out in this field. The vision I had with ROC (Real Office Centers) is a new concept, and fills a niche that is desperately needed in this market place.  In many ways each of the locations of our office centers emulate a close knit family, and the individual environments are molded to the occupants which ultimately supports their own business growth and evolution.

The process of writing the “Wrong Side of the Tracks” for me led to a greater understanding and peace with the past.  Without this it can be difficult to move forward. Accepting others for what they are (both strengths and weaknesses) always looking to bring out the best in those around you, and surrounding yourself with positive, motivated and trustworthy people are the golden rules of ‘ohana’.  Knowing that you cannot change situations but by adapting to them you are working with the flow, not against it. As with surfing, you must adapt to the conditions, which are unpredictable and ever changing.  Being open and responsive to life, leads to greater progress and being stoked on family and work.  With hard work and good values the cream of the crop will always rise to the top!

`Ike aku, `ike mai, kôkua aku kôkua mai;
pela iho la ka nohana `ohana.

Meaning- Recognize others, be recognized, help others, be helped; such is a family relationship.