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About the Author

Ron McElroy is the third and youngest child of William and Arlene McElroy. William was of mixed German and Scottish descent and Arlene, called “Tutu”, is an indigenous Hawaiian who grew up on the islands and was the greatest influence in his cultural and ethnic identity. Ron was born into poverty in Southern California where he survived discrimination, police violence and an abusive, mentally unbalanced father.

Street smart and reckless, McElroy got into trouble at school but did well in athletics and quickly realized he couldn’t follow in the footsteps of his wild and self-destructive older brother Bill. He buckled down to attend community college and then the University of California at Santa Barbara. Spending time with his mother’s family in Hawaii, Ron also learned to surf and became a high-ranking amateur surfer.

After college, Ron sold surf goods for his sponsors. Then Ron finally discovered his true calling: real estate. He work for others and gradually became an entrepreneur with his own companies in the shared office industry plus a parallel business in vacation residence and rentals in Mexico and Hawaii.

Ron and his wife Elisabeth live in Lugana Beach, California. He has three children, sons Brett and Cameron, and daughter Lockley. He says “After almost thirty years of working, raising kids, and living life to its absolute fullest, I’m still plagued with thoughts of not doing enough. So I’ve written this book!”

The result is both a personal memoir and a unique look at the cultural, political, and social issues of indigenous Hawaiians on the islands and immigrating to the mainland.